Food Psychology Coach Program (NO MORE NEW STUDENTS AFTER 9/29/2011)


After a few years and hundreds of successful graduates, the Spencer Institute’s Food Psychology Coaching Certification program is coming to a close. The short video explains how current students, pending students, and graduates are affected by this change. Yes, you can still get in if you act quickly.

NOTE – Although this could be a really tricky marketing idea, it is a fact.

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Email marketing tactics and strategies for fitness trainers and coaches


I’m a fan of new technology. I use text messaging, social media, mobile marketing, video, articles, press releases and even this fancy new blog. But, let’s not forget what has always worked and continues to work.  WARNING: You need to do it right >>>

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NESTA Personal Trainer Gets Multi-Million Dollar Opportunity with Walmart (video interview)


Plain and simple, this is awesome.
This TRUE STORY is the perfect example of what I teach you about “education, dedication, perseverance and hard work.”

Mix in some creative thinking and a kick-butt attitude, and you get the THIS KIND OF INCREDIBLE BUSINESS.
Thom Zwawa went from a burned out a broke 300 pound diabetic (type 2), to a champion bodybuilder, celebrity fitness chef, and THE fitness expert with quite possibly one of the most lucrative fitness info product distribution deals in the world.

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FREE VIDEO TRAINING from Fitness Fortunes Live (5 Essentials of Exercise Fortunes) John Spencer Ellis & Kelli Calabrese

You are about to enjoy a full length training video filmed LIVE at Fitness Fortunes in Dallas, TX.

I was joined on stage by Kelli Calabrese. She is likely one of the most accomplished and respected fitness pros in America.

– You are going to learn how to go from one-on-one to profitable group training.
– You’ll learn how to fine tune your specialization.
– You’ll finally know if your “big idea” is moving you in the right direction.
– You’ll learn about outsourcing all the things you hate to do, and a whole lot more.

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FREE Webinar: “Fitness Empire Formula” = Making Your Mark in the Fitness Industry

I am happy to announce my new LIVE webinar series called “Fitness Empire Formula”. You are going to learn exactly what you need to do for your certification and education, your niche, your branding, and your sales funnel. You are also going to learn how to build your tribe.

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Home Sauna Treatments for Improved Health and Better Living

The famous Danish writer Isak Dinesen might have been on to something when she said, “The cure for anything is salt water—sweat, tears, or the sea.” Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to regulate temperature and provides an important pathway for detoxification. With the average person having 2.6 million sweat glands distributed over the majority of the body, the skin is the largest organ for elimination.

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