How to do a media interview for your fitness or coaching business

Getting media exposure for your coaching, fitness, personal training or wellness business is a great opportunity. YOU MUST DO IT RIGHT. Fitness and Coaching Business and Marketing Coach John Spencer Ellis is joined by Media Interview Expert Erik Rokeach to help you make the most of every media opportunity you have.  You will also learn how to get more media opportunities to grow your business and your brand.

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Anthony Carey Interview with John Spencer Ellis: Therapeutic Exercises vs Corrective Exercises vs Post-Rehab Exercises

Anthony Carey is one of the world’s leading experts on Therapeutic, Corrective, and Post-Rehab Exercises. John interviews Anthony and they discuss the truth, lies, misconceptions and misinformation about this important aspect of the fitness industry.

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Shawn Phillips Interview with John Spencer Ellis: Body Transformations and Success Strategies

Shawn Phillips is the pioneer of the life and body transformation trend that has swept across the world.  You may know him from his books such as “Strength For Life” or his leadership with one of the top sports nutrition companies, EAS. He was also a major driving force behind the run-away success of the book “Body For Life”.

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Zach Evan-Esh Fitness Business and Training Interview with John Spencer Ellis

In-depth, insightful and fun interview with Leading Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Evan-Esh. If you are a fitness or strength and conditioning pro, you will want to watch this interview and take some serious notes. Zach and JSE discuss controversial topics, mental fitness and mind development for sports and life, and – of course – some cool unconventional fitness training methods.

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Last Comic Standing Winner John Heffron Join Personal Development Guru John Spencer Ellis to End Your Inner Heckler

Since we are in the first days of 2012, I thought it is only fitting that we discuss getting your mindset in top form. I actually have to thank my friend Erik Rokeach who prompted this post. Our discussion today was about how proper mindset must precede all true success (personally and professionally). If you are held back by self-doubt, negative self-talk and a lack of confidence in what you can do in 2012, you must read on….

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Personal Trainer Marketing Videos

FREE Personal Trainer Marketing and Fitness Business Coaching videos (GREAT FOR COACHES, TOO)

If you are new to the fitness industry or have a well established fitness business, you will benefit from these short, to-the-point educational and coaching videos to help you save time, gt more clients and earn more money. These videos are also very helpful for wellness coaches, nutrition coaches and holistic health professionals.

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Starting and Growing a Fitness Business – JSE interviewed by Geo Rockwell

Hey…. Yo…. What’s up….
I want to share this video interview I just finished with Geo Rockwell of Fitrilla.

We discuss how to launch a fitness business, create programs that move the masses, and how to make it to the top of the fitness industry.

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