How to Start a Personal Training and Fitness Career | Questions & Answers with John Spencer Ellis

This was a lot of fun for me.  I was asked by students at a personal training school to speak to them via Skype about how to start a personal trainer career and business.  They asked great questions and I was totally impressed by them. I sure wish I had an opportunity like this when I was starting my fitness career.

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John Spencer Ellis Host of Health and Wellness Today TV Show | Become an Expert Guest

I’m hosting a new TV show! And I want you to appear on it as a guest expert! Find out how next Tuesday…

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and I am very excited to announce my new TV show, that you could be one of the guests on! It’s Called Health & Wellness Today and we are taping the first season this May, in Orlando! I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity, because the show is shaping up to be a powerful program, and the window to be included in the taping is quickly getting smaller. Don’t miss your chance to be my guest on the show, which will be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates around the country!


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5 ways to get more clients and keep them long term

You know that I am a huge education advocate for your fitness or coaching career. You have to keep educating yourself to reach the top 5% of your niche. No exceptions!

And, even with all the education in the world, you still need to get more clients and thrill them with your exceptional services so they refer all their friends, and stay with you long term.

Today, I want to focus on simple (free and low cost) ways to get more clients and keep them coming back for more.

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Adventure Boot Camp Fitness Business Model – How to Operate a Profitable Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness boot camps are fun and profitable for fitness trainers who decide to run a successful program. Without knowing exactly how to start a boot camp business and running an effective boot camp marketing campaign, it can be challenging. Fortunately, the Adventure Boot Camp business system is a turn-key and comprehensive business model that gives you everything you need for unstoppable success.

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Jairek Robbins and John Spencer Ellis | 6 Steps for Your Rapid Results in Business and Life

Enjoy this Personal Development Plan That Will Move Your Quickly Into Action So You Can Live Your Dreams

This video training with John Spencer Ellis and Jairek Robbins will make you laugh, get you to think (and take action), and inspire you to go after your dreams to live your life at the highest level.

The biggest 4 obstacles you have to overcome to reach your ultimate goals are:
#1 Not knowing what you want, or where you are going in life…
#2 Knowing what to do BUT NOT consistently doing what you know…
#3 Not able to clearly communicate your goals, vision and purpose in life (to yourself or others)…
#4 The Battle between your head and your heart…

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