Ryan Lee Interview: How the Top 2% of Fitness and Coaching Pros Think Differently

So, how does the top 2% of the fitness and coaching industry think differently?
What do they do each day that is different than the other 98%?
What mindset and strategies are needed to reach the top of your niche?
Ryan and JSE also discuss the economy, and how you can successfully choose not to participate in current economic climate.
Learn how NOW is the best possible time to make a highly successful career as a fitness and coaching pro.

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How to Create Your Personal Celebrity Brand (video training)

If you want to be a standout in your market, and make more money, while helping more people, you must develop your own personal brand.

Your personal branding efforts should be primarily centered on the goal of branding yourself as a celebrity within your niche. You don’t need to become the next big thing on TMZ (or better yet at the Golden Globes), but you do need to become the only logical choice in your market. Your branding must include establishing yourself as a TOP EXPERT who is likable and trustworthy.

Let me break it down like this…. There is no possible way you will reach the top of your market if you do not actively develop your personal brand. There is no exception.


Now, let’s teach you how to do it…

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