How Wellness Coaching is the Perfect Addition For Your Current Business

Your career will greatly benefit by adding wellness coaching services.

But, I’m a personal trainer…. perfect!
But, I’m a life coach…. excellent!
But, I teach martial arts…. awesome!
But, I don’t have any medical training…. no worries!

In short, wellness coaching is THE PERFECT ADDITION to ANY fitness, nutrition or personal development business.

Think about it….

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Real Housewives FREE Video Workout Fitness Routines (Trainer from The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo)

Are you ready for a fun and challenging workout? After I appeared on the hit TV show “The Real Housewives of Orange County” for 2 seasons, I was asked to develop workout videos that other “housewives” would enjoy.  Now you can enjoy these videos at home.

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Fitness Entrepreneur Video Interview – Creating a Global Fitness Brand and Blogging Strategies

I often get asked about the steps I went through to grow my business over the years. People want to know the big mistakes I have made (and there have been plenty). They also ask how the bigger successes came to be. I recently sat down to be interviewed by my blogging/Wordpress guru Scotty B.


This is what happened….

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Business Success Story: Nutrition Consultant, Wellness Coach, Personal Chef Melissa Costello

This is a great story of how you can live your dreams, have your own thriving business and help people at the same time. Melissa Costello is a graduate of the Spencer Institute’s Wellness Coach Certification program. She is also a nutrition expert, personal chef, author and entrepreneur. In addition, she is the personal chef to Tony Horton (creator of P90X) and “The Old Spice Guy”. This is just the beginning….

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Fitness Training, Health & Fitness, Nutrition & Exercise, Applied Sport Psychology Degrees

Wexford University is accepting its final registration for classes starting January 2013. The international online university offers a variety of health, exercise, sports and fitness degree programs of all levels.

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Life Strategies Coach Training FREE VIDEO COURSE

There is often much debate of the most effective coaching strategies or techniques that help clients attain the best results in life, business, relationships and health. There is no doubt that many techniques do offer help. You are invited to watch this FREE VIDEO TRAINING SERIES featuring Al Sargent, Marilyn Sargent and John Spencer Ellis. If you are a coach, or are considering becoming a coach, this video series will give you new skills, new insight, and a fresh approach to helping your clients reach their goals.

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Life Reinvention and Ethical Influence: John Spencer Ellis and Wesley Goo

What does it mean to have a life reinvention? If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, uninspired or just not completely fulfilled with “where you are now” this video training will give you direction. Life reinvention may look and feel completely different from what you may be imagining for feeling about it right now. Let’s discover what is possible…

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Building A Successful Culture for Your Fitness & Coaching Business with John Spencer Ellis and Jon LeTocq.

Learn how building the proper culture for your fitness, personal training, boot camp or coaching business is more important than any online or offline marketing or advertising you can do to get more clients. Discover how Jon dominates the fitness market where nearly all other competitors have failed. These strategies for long tern business success are exactly what you need to become a successful business owner.

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Fitness and Personal Trainer Business Strategies Vs Tactics

Learn why fitness business owners often fall short of their goals because they are focusing on tactics instead of strategies. Fitness and personal training marketing tactics and get rich quick ideas DO NOT WORK! You need to use these techniques to develop long term goals, strategies and philosophies for continual business growth and development.

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New Health, Wellness and Fitness Strategies with The Caveman Doctor & John Spencer Ellis

You are in for a rare and intriguing interview with Colin Champ, M.D. “The Caveman Doctor”. He began his quest to help people attain optimal health and wellness due to the high demand for readily available health related information on nutrition, diet, cancer, and other important health and fitness topics.

Health, nutrition, and dietary information has been turned into an extremely complicated and confusing topic within the field of medicine. The Caveman Doctor’s primary goal is to provide simple methods for analyzing the available literature and following a healthy lifestyle.

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