How to Use Powerful Visuals to Get More Clients for Your Fitness, Personal Trainer and Coaching Business

The stats are incredible! Shared content continues to grow very quickly on the internet. The social sharing numbers are exploding! In fact, sharing on social media is projected to increase by an astonishing 600% in the next 5 years!

When it comes to daily content:

  • 27 million pieces are shared
  • 140 million tweets are generated

Your core digital marketing goal for 2015 is to connect with as many of your ideal customers as possible. [Read more…]

Landing Page Optimization in 7 Easy Steps (Strategies for Personal Trainers, Fitness Business Owners and Coaches)

Landing page optimization for fitness and coach pros is one of the most effective ways to increase sales online.

While your website serves as a place to call ‘home’ and introduce people to your brand, a landing page has one goal and one goal only: to get more conversions.

Whether your landing page was created with the goal of capturing email addresses or capturing credit cards, the end result should be the same: you want a high percentage of people who land on your page to complete a specific action or transaction. [Read more…]

The 3 Beliefs of Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

How to Get the Mindset of the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, is one entrepreneur that has had no shortage of critics, struggles, and massive setbacks in his iconically grand startup pursuits.

Musk is one of my personal heroes, because of his tenacity, since he’s also extremely well known for his ability to rebound -and then, mercilessly blow away the expectations of both critics and backers alike. At this point, he’s become one of the most successful, inspiring people in Silicon Valley, which is obviously not a small accomplishment. [Read more…]

How to Make the Most Out of Every Day In Your Fitness and Coaching Business

There are average days, there are not-so-good days, and then…

There are those days that you never want to forget, because those were some really good days that would come to define your entrepreneur’s journey as a coach or fitness trainer. And some of those unforgettable days had nothing to do with a major launch, the reaching of a great milestone, or the day you moved into your new office in the city. In fact, it was the small, simple things that made the day uncommonly enjoyable, thereby making it overly productive. [Read more…]

Your Organic Twitter strategy: A 5-step plan to get more targeted followers for your personal training, fitness and coaching business

Creating A Winning Twitter Strategy for Savvy Solopreneurs in the Fitness, Personal Training and Coaching Industries.

Does your Twitter strategy consist of sending out a tweet and hoping for the best?

If so, it’s time to focus your efforts on Twitter techniques that are proven to get you more followers, more engagement, and more leads for your business. [Read more…]

How to Reinvent Your Personal Branding and Start Fresh in Your Business

 5 Personal Branding Tips for Emerging Fitness and Coaching Entrepreneurs

Personal branding is an important part of any entrepreneur’s business, and it’s especially crucial for coaches, trainers, solopreneurs and fitness professionals.

Defining your personal brand is the best way to differentiate yourself from your competition. If you’ve been feeling the need to reinvent yourself or your business, branding is the first place to start. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Checklist for Fitness Professionals and Personal Coaches!


How to Create Great Tweets That Get You More Training & Coaching Clients and More Business!

67% of Twitter followers want to buy from the brands they follow, but companies are not converting because:

  • 56% of businesses do not have a plan to promote content: so that only
  • 34% of companies actually get those leads from Twitter

With 271 million monthly active users and 277,000 tweets sent per minute, you need to produce engaging, memorable content. So where do you start as a busy fitness or wellness professional? [Read more…]

How to Turn Your Linkedin Readers to Website Traffic for Your Fitness and Coaching Business

Do you have a Linkedin account? Check. Are you publishing articles at Linkedin? Check. Are there people viewing your articles at Linkedin? Check. Are there people visiting your website where your offers are visible? A big fat “NO”.

Did I strike a cord?

[Read more…]

How to Choose the Best Domain [web address] for Your Fitness and Coaching Business

Choosing the right domain name for your website is almost as important as naming your business itself!

But how to choose a domain name that resonates with your customers, drives traffic to your site, and represents your health, fitness, nutrition or coaching brand exactly how you want it to? And even more importantly, how can you claim your domain before the competition does? [Read more…]

5 Effective Ways to Create Multiple Income Streams

Creating multiple income streams is the best way to ensure the security of your training or coaching business.

In the same way that financial advisors recommend diversifying your portfolio, it’s important to diversify your business ventures in order to maintain financial security while allowing room for growth.

Here are 5 proven ways to create multiple income streams in your coaching, training, or personal fitness business: [Read more…]