How to Use Digital Storytelling to Grow Your Personal Training, Coaching and Expert Business

3 Powerful Ways to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Marketing

If storytelling is mankind’s oldest art form, then digital storytelling is what connects our past to our technological future.

As the Internet becomes more and more saturated with content each and every day (ok, each and every second), creating marketing materials that resonate with your audience is more important – and more challenging – than ever. Storytelling is exactly how you create your fitness and coaching business empire. [Read more…]

How to Develop a Clear Value Proposition for your Personal Trainer or Coaching Business

Finding a unique value proposition for your business is just jargon-y marketing speak for the answer to this question: “How is your business different from the competition?”

Within the answer to that question lies all of your success.

Without a strong, clearly defined value proposition, the only way you can differentiate yourself is by price. That price may be lower or higher than your competitor’s price, but it’s not enough to build a strong client base and gain customers for life. [Read more…]

How to Create a Winning Sales and Marketing System for Your Fitness Center, Club, Spa or Gym

Marketing Systems for Fitness Business Owners

3 Steps to a Marketing System That Works

If you run a wellness-based business, chances are you’re hyper-aware of how systems play a role in the health of the human body and mind.

A personal training client who exercises every day but eats garbage may still have health problems because the body, like the mind, is systemic. Everything is connected, and everything is impacted by everything else. [Read more…]

Fitness & Coaching Icon Nick Tumminello Video Interview

Enjoy this in-depth video interview with fitness and coaching icon, Nick Tumminello. He’s is the owner of Performance University International, which provides hybrid strength training & conditioning for athletes and professional educational programs for fitness professionals all over the world.

As an educator, Coach Nick has become known as the “Trainer of trainers” for his innovative, hybrid fitness training concepts and for his ability to provide simple, honest and immediately applicable solutions to common problems fitness professionals face. He has presented at international fitness conferences in Iceland, China and Canada. And, he’s also a regular featured presenter at events and fitness clubs throughout the US. Nick also holds live workshops and mentorship programs in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale Fl. Additionally, Nick has produced 12+ instructional DVDs.

Nick was recently inducted into the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame.

We discuss the following:

[Read more…]

How to Create Viral Content for Your Fitness and Coaching Business: 7 must-have ingredients

We all want the marketing content we create to be viral content.

Viral content is simply a blog post, tweet, video, or photo that “goes viral”; in other words, it takes the Internet by storm, gets shared millions of times, and launches its creator into the online spotlight.

Viral content gives you the opportunity to shine in front of the entire online world, making it easier than ever for your tribe (and prospective clients) to find you. [Read more…]

Fitness and Coaching Business Strategy: How to Get More Leads with your LinkedIn Profile

Okay, I’ll admit it – LinkedIn just isn’t as sexy as Facebook, Twitter, and all the other “fun” social media platforms that are used for both work and play.

But forget about LinkedIn’s clean-cut, professional exterior. The fact is that your LinkedIn profile may be able to do more to grow your coaching, training or “expert” business than all other social platforms combined.

That’s because there are over 100 million active LinkedIn users in the United States, and nearly 350 million users worldwide. 40% of LinkedIn users use the application every day, and in 2014 alone LinkedIn user profiles were viewed 28 billion (with a b!) times. (source: DMR). [Read more…]

Instagram Magic: How Fitness Trainers and Personal Coaches Can Harness the Power of Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine how that principle could be applied to your marketing machine.

That’s why I suggest taking a good, long look at using Instagram. In fact, the vast majority of this image-based social app is accessed through mobile devices -and given how mobile internet traffic volume has just recently outpaced traffic from that of desktop/laptop computers, this makes for a solution that’s got some serious growth potential. [Read more…]

How to Craft an Elevator Pitch that Wins More Business and Clients

Creating an elevator pitch is one of the best ways to get consistent referrals and leads for your fitness, coaching or wellness business.


Because talking about your business in a strategic, effective way makes a lasting impact on whomever you’re talking to.

It doesn’t matter if that person is a potential client or not. If you are a coach, trainer, wellness specialist or fitness professional, just about everyone knows someone who could benefit from your services! That means every person you meet and chat with has the power to send business your way.

[Read more…]

How to Use Powerful Visuals to Get More Clients for Your Fitness, Personal Trainer and Coaching Business

The stats are incredible! Shared content continues to grow very quickly on the internet. The social sharing numbers are exploding! In fact, sharing on social media is projected to increase by an astonishing 600% in the next 5 years!

When it comes to daily content:

  • 27 million pieces are shared
  • 140 million tweets are generated

Your core digital marketing goal for 2015 is to connect with as many of your ideal customers as possible. [Read more…]

Landing Page Optimization in 7 Easy Steps (Strategies for Personal Trainers, Fitness Business Owners and Coaches)

Landing page optimization for fitness and coach pros is one of the most effective ways to increase sales online.

While your website serves as a place to call ‘home’ and introduce people to your brand, a landing page has one goal and one goal only: to get more conversions.

Whether your landing page was created with the goal of capturing email addresses or capturing credit cards, the end result should be the same: you want a high percentage of people who land on your page to complete a specific action or transaction. [Read more…]