How to Stop Self Sabotaging Your Success as a Fitness or Coaching Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneurial journey is filled with roadblocks and obstacles. Overcoming these challenges builds our self-concept and confidence to achieve our goals.

But what happens when the same kind of obstacle keeps appearing every time you try to move forward in your business (or life for that matter)? What if it feels like you’re spinning your wheels and can’t seem to get unstuck?

The truth is, you might be self-sabotaging your way to success.

What is self sabotage? [Read more…]

Jesse Elder Interview: Life and Business Success Strategies

Listen and watch this in-depth, gritty interview with Jesse Elder and John Spencer Ellis. [Read more…]

How Fitness Trainers and Wellness Coaches Can Quickly and Easily Increase Client Loyalty

Concrete Loyalty: 4 Ways to Make Your Fitness and Coaching Clients Love You …Forever

One of the greatest challenges that we face in the fitness and coaching business is client retention, and this is largely the case because our clients’ needs will often change from season to season. It’s also one of the primary reasons why we often find ourselves with a reduced number of session bookings and gym memberships in the middle and end of the summer months.

However, let’s not forget that this is the an issue, which just about any business (whether or not we’re talking about the fitness and coaching industries) has to deal with. These days, companies are understanding that it’s time to revitalize the way we think about customer care, because that’s really the biggest issue that differentiates between keeping customers for years or losing them in a matter of weeks.

So here are 4 ways to keep your clients falling in love with your training, coaching or consulting business, so that your off-seasons are busier and your on-seasons provide even more opportunities to grow. [Read more…]

Build Your Personal Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide for Coaches, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers and Wellness Professionals

Personal branding is a somewhat ambiguous phrase that gets tossed around a lot by business coaches, marketers, and branding experts.

But what does branding really mean, anyway, and how can you use it to score more clients and set yourself apart from other coaches?

The first thing to understand is that branding is not marketing. While marketing is all about getting the word out and promoting yourself, branding has to do with what, exactly, you’re promoting. [Read more…]

Google Keyword Research Tips for Coaches and Fitness Trainers

As a coach, trainer, or wellness entrepreneur, you need a strong online presence to connect with prospective clients, win new business, and increase your brand’s visibility on both a local and global scale.

That means you need to spend thousands of dollars per month on expensive SEO services, right?

Not necessarily.

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Outsourcing Secrets for Fitness & Coaching Pros: What to look for when hiring freelancers online

“Being a good boss means hiring talented people and getting out of their way.”

~ Tina Fey

If you only make one positive change in your business this year, let it be this: start outsourcing more of your tasks to freelancers online. [Read more…]

Network Branding: Why Fitness and Personal Development Businesses That Work Together, Succeed Together

You’re waiting in line for your usual Monday morning cappuccino at the local cafe, and that’s when you see it: a bulletin board covered with the business cards of makeup consultants to dance classes to …ah, yes… other local fitness business.

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FITNESS and COACHING BUSINESS 101 — 5 Ways to Identify a Bad Target Market

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right to market yourself as a coach or trainer, but you still can’t get ahead?

If your online presence is sluggish and you’re constantly scrambling for new clients, you might be courting the wrong target market.

Your target market should consist of your ideal customers – the people who’ll happily pay for one-on-one coaching, are actively involved in your classes and courses, and can’t wait to tell their friends about you.

If clients like that seem more fantasy than reality, chances are you’ve been selling to the wrong target market.

Here are 5 ways to tell if the clients at the end of your marketing funnel are a complete mismatch for you and your brand: [Read more…]

On the Road: 3 Essential Fitness and Coaching Business Owner Vacation Survival Tips

My fellow fitness trainers and coaching experts: sooner or later, you are going to need a vacation (and I’d advocate that you take it sooner, rather than later).

For this reason, the best part about the summer is that many of your clients are already going to be taking theirs – which means that, between the end of May and the beginning of September, this will be your ideal window to kick the tires and light the fires.

  • However, one of the biggest problems of taking vacations for really any independent contractor or small business owner is the fact that you’ll be heading for the beach -and leaving your money

making machine home all alone to fend for itself. It’s not uncommon for a fitness trainer to worry about having to put out fires (which is often what dissuades us to take a vacation in the first place). So here’s how to get your wheels off the tarmac for your getaway, while keeping peace of mind that all is STILL well on the fitness business home-front. [Read more…]

Jennie Cwikla Interview: World’s Strongest Woman Competitor and Fitness Expert

World renowned Masters Sports Nutritionist and World’s Strongest Woman Competitor, Jennie Cwikla is the owner of Valkyrie Athletics, which specializes in working with elite level athletes in a multitude of sports to prepare them for peak physical performance. John Spencer Ellis and Jennie discuss diet, women in the fitness industry, success strategies and making the most from your fitness each day. [Read more…]