Effective Marketing & Management For Your Fitness Business

Obviously, being an educational organization, I emphasize the importance of your training, education and certifications.

However, you know that after earning your certifications and degrees, you must market and manage your business and career successfully.  Remember, if you are an employee or contractor at a club, you still must market yourself. You need to stand out. You must be the obvious choice.

When you manage your business properly, you save time, money, effort, aggravation and frustration.  Better management also allows for improved customer service, better work efficiency and happier clients. In return, these happy clients will stay with you longer, and refer more people to you. Everyone wins!

Part of managing and marketing your business is leveraging technology. Why do something 3 times if it can all be seamed together?

Why do something once and get paid only once when you can do it once, and get paid many times? Leveraging management and marketing technology allows you to do this.

When you train, you learn better technique to “lighten the load”.  The same is true when you use technology to leverage your business. Things get easier.

When you market your services, you also need to use technology to reach more people with your message quickly and for a low price. Each time you develop a marketing piece (ex: article, press release, social post, blog post, video, etc), you must ask yourself, “How many additional ways can I use this content?” And then ask, “How many more people can I reach today?”  These questions are enlightening. If you have been falling short, they can also be a huge wake-up call.

Don’t be the pro who is really smart and really broke.

Be the pro who is exceptionally smart and financially secure while helping more people.


FitNews.TV – Manage your contacts, email newsletters, text message mobile marketing, articles, recipes, social media syndication.  http://www.fitnews.tv

Fitness Business Ninja – Complete online management of billing, schedules, transformation contests, diets, online training assessments and more.

The Client Grabber – Online Classified Marketing System for Personal Trainers and Fitness Boot Camps. http://www.theclientgrabber.com

Fitness Pro Directory – Free online directory for you to build a business profile, add videos, links, photos, testimonials, articles, events and more.

Client Retention Machine – Free video training to learn how to KEEP YOUR CURRENT CLIENTS. http://clientretentionmachine.com/

Viral Video Money Machine – Massive video syndication. Upload your video once and blast it to all video sites at once.  Many other features.

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