How to Combine Fitness and Personal Development For Your Career Success

I often get asked two questions around this topic.

#1 Why should I combine fitness and personal development in my career?
#2 How do I combine fitness and personal development the right way?

Both are great questions and are explained in detail below:

First, a quick back story that will help you understand why I learned long ago how and why to combine these skills and lifestyles.

1-1-3When I was a younger, my sports heroes were Tour de France champion Greg Lemond, martial arts icon Bruce Lee, Ironman champion Dave Scott and my first personal trainer, Tony Emmott, who was Mr. Universe. Yeah, he trained me when I was just 12.  It was a huge honor. This diverse list of legends helped me develop a love for elite sports and fitness.

My personal development mentors have been Tony Robbins (my first introduction to the real power of personal development training), Wayne Dyer, Steven Covey and my current mentors and now collaborators, Al and Marilyn Sargent.

Obviously, there are many others who inspire and help me. However, these are the biggest contributors to my work (and life).

Watching Olympic powerlifters with my dad showed me the importance of combining the mental with the physical. The psych-up phase, the self-talk, the “boost” of energy and focus was interesting for me to watch as a young enthusiast of all things human performance. It was while I watched a Russian champion win Olympic gold that I realized how it all fit together.

So, how do you know which skills, training, niches and education to combine to get your ideal blend of fitness and personal development?

Here are some ideas to help you:

1. If you train high level athletes or fitness competitors, you need a fitness certification and a sport psychology certification to help your client reach the highest levels of performance.

2. If you are a yoga instructor, a mind-body coach certification is a great match of skills and needs.

3. If you are a life coach, you will benefit from having nutrition coaching skills because proper nutrition leads to better mental clarity. And, proper nutrition help optimize body weight. Proper body weight leads to better self-image.  It’s a complete circle.

4. If you are a wellness coach, you are most likely getting questions about a fitness training program. You need the skills to design a safe and effective exercise program. You will benefit from becoming a certified personal fitness trainer.

I could go on and on with endless examples of how this all fits together, but I think you understand now.  Decide which skills you need, which are lacking, and how you are going to fill in the gaps to better serve your clients.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Although it has not yet been mentioned here, combining fitness and personal development into one business has a few other significant benefits.

a) You are far more appealing to potential clients as compared to others in your field.
b) You will have new revenue streams for your business by offering different services/packages.
c) You will have more fun (and reduce any boredom) because you are not doing the same thing over and over again.

Here’s a quick overview of my programs that will help you combine fitness and personal development for your career.

NESTA offers you fitness, nutrition and sports performance education and certifications.

Spencer Institute offers you personal development and lifestyle education and certifications.

 The JSE Inner Circle is the coaching and mentoring program that teaches you how to make your career a success by adding fitness and personal development together.


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