Why I Added Isagenix to My Business Model (and why I am recommending you do, too)

I’ll be brief and to the point. After 20+ years in the fitness, nutrition and personal development fields,
I have learned what makes me happy, and what makes sense from a business perspective.1. I’ve learned that leveraging time, money and effort is what allows you design your life and business so you can best serve others.2. I’ve learned to only work with top companies, products and people. Anything else can lead to frustration and lagging results.

3. I’ve learned that high quality customer service is vital to business success. And, I’ve learned that if you can increase revenues without having additional staffing costs, this is a very good thing as well.

These are some of the biggest reasons I now offer ISAGENIX nutrition products to my clients around the world.

At first, I was a bit hesitant when I was told the products are sold using a relationship (networking) business model. I didn’t want to have “house parties” and drive my family and friends nuts.

Fortunately, none of that is the case. I ONLY sell online, and it is 100% passive. I created a couple single page websites, promote the sites, use Facebook, and let it go.

Increasing my weekly income with ISAGENIX requires zero staffing. ISAGENIX does it all for you and me.

Many Adventure Boot Camp owners have their campers use ISAGENIX as part of the overall program. Their results have actually doubled in some cases.

I like ISAGENIX as a company because they have phenomenal customer service, top-grade products, and they send me an email every Monday telling me how much money they put in my bank account;)

To summarize: ISAGENIX is an awesome add-on revenue maker for your business. The products are safe and taste great. It is foolish to refer your clients and business (money) to the corner nutrition store. Keep the money, keep the clients, keep the loyalty.

Note: Although I focus mainly on selling the 9-day and 30-day detox and cleanse programs, there are dozens of products including sports nutrition, and really good skin care programs as well.

Links to check out:
Where I sell to consumers
Direct link to sign up and offer ISAGENIX

PS – Of all the emails, blog comments and calls I receive, there is always one stand-out request for information. People just like you want to know how to increase weekly income to get ahead.
This is what I recommend.

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