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Chad Michen – Fitness Professional Testimonial

“John Spencer Ellis is my Uber Mentor!”
– Jillian Michaels, Trainer from NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’

“Mr. Ellis, my name is Mike Gelfgot. I attended the recent seminar and it was absolutely amazing. I was the one that asked about “fibromyalgia” if that helps you recollect any memories. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your inspiration and perseverance. You have motivated me to work longer, push harder, and constantly strive for more and more. Mr. Ellis, I wasn’t sure if that was possible, but after meeting you, I know better. Once again, thank you.”
– Mike Gelfgot, Anytime Fitness, IN

“John’s exercise classes are the best. I never get bored and I’ve gotten into great shape.”
– Jan Strickland, Trabuco Canyon, CA

“John is the Tony Robbins of Fitness; he believes in the impossible and strives for the best in himself and others! Through his many talents from Adventure Boot Camps to Lifestyle Coaching, John is truly a leader in the industry. You’ll want to consult with John if you’re looking to achieve the highest in personal peak performance!”
– Tamilee Webb M.A., ‘Ms Buns of Steel’

“Fitness Guru and Fitness Celebrity”
– NBC News

“John’s the real deal”
– KOCE News

“One of California’s Top Trainers”
– FIT magazine

“One of California’s Best Personal Trainers”
– “C” magazine

“John is a combination of Tony Robbins & Jack Lalanne”
– The New York Post

“Change your body with the Boot Camp Master! Dr. Ellis is the instructor boot camp trainers rely upon. John’s clients receive exceptional results from his boot camps with the formula he has perfected over the past 15 years.”
– Kelli Calabrese, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer of the Year Winner, Editor of Personal Fitness Professional magazine

“World-renowned Fitness Expert”
– CBS News

“I was completely bored with exercising. I have exercised my whole life and needed a change. It’s great to be excited about my workout program again.”
– Pat Beckman, age 68

“I cannot believe how effective this workout is for me. It’s more fun than the gym and I can spend more time with my kids”
– Cindy Matthews, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I hope that you and John have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know that I am very thankful for both of you and the passion that you both have for helping others to improve themselves. I have benefited so much from your boot camps!! I look forward to starting again after the holidays!
– Fondly, Colleen Myers

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