Only for Elite Entrepreneurs

How do you want to live your ideal day? What is it like? How does it feel when you arrive? How can you start working towards that now? Below are some of my favorite resources to build your ideal life. I have used every recommended tool below and they all get the JSE stamp of approval.


Cocktails with JSE

This is my FREE private Facebook coaching group with over 3,500 entrepreneurs from around the world. You will get access to exclusive guidance, resources and support to enhance your finances, business projects, health and fitness, entrepreneurship, and overall abundance in life.

Ellis Elite Coaching

1-year $50,000 for the most exclusive access and personal attention. Includes 3 1-on-1 full day sessions with John at his penthouse, entry into to The Penthouse Group mastermind, all the benefits of the monthly coaching program and unlimited phone access for brainstorming and emergencies. Paid in 10 monthly installments of $5,000 each. Contact JSE directly for details and qualifications.

Monthly Business Consulting

When you need focused energy to jump start a project, think through a challenge, or outline next steps – grab this support.

1-on-1 Full Day Intensive

Just you and I for one very intensive, full, productive, goal-oriented, life enhancing day.