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JSE Consulting Day

You have a new or seasoned business, and you know you are on the edge of greatness!

However… You likely have a lot of questions and need clarity so you can reach your personal, professional and financial goals!


Thanks for your interest in this one-of-a-kind coaching and consulting opportunity.

For many years, people from around the world have asked me to offer a private one-on-one coaching and mentoring program. Due to my travel schedule and previous obligations, I wasn’t able. Beginning in 2014, I started my personal mastermind for a small group of just 12 people. The results of our members is nothing short of incredible. Many members doubled their income in less than 12 months while they increased their “play time” and personal fulfillment.

Although the mastermind results (as you can read) and nothing short of incredible, some people still want more one-on-one consulting/mentoring and more extensive help on business processes, mindset, work flow and automation, etc. That’s why the JSE One-on-One Full Day Intensive was created.

Read on to learn the details and apply to be 1 of only 10 people each year to have this opportunity.

Thanks so much!

John Spencer Ellis


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Las Vegas

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What's Included?

The Details

  • 1-day Intensive 1-on-1 coaching, consulting and mentoring with me
  • Your choice of my home in Orange County, CA or my  penthouse in Las Vegas for our session
  • You will make hotel & travel arrangements at your cost
  • You are 100% the focus of the day
  • You will be coached, consulting and mentored on business, lifestyle, mindset, finances and systems
  • Your day will begin at 9:00 AM and include lunch and dinner with me (at my expense)
  • You can bring 1 business partner/associate or spouse/life partner


The JSE One-on-One Full Day Intensive also includes six 15-minute follow-up coaching calls and 1-month of unlimited text and email support, documentary film production, award shows, print media, direct response marketing, sales copy, infomercials, real estate investing, commercial real estate, home design businesses, grand openings, local media, event production, spokesperson, seminars, workshops, masterminds, sports marketing, JVs, affiliate marketing, CPA/CPL marketing, website development, location independent businesses and more.

Hand Chosen Topics


Organization, Simplification, Systematization, Automation, Sales Funnels, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Auto-responders, Outsourcing, Blogging, Video, On-Camera Training, Sales Copy, Networking, Developing Your Information Products and Networking.


I will show you exactly how to create a business (or modify your current business) so you can operate it from anywhere in the world. If you want to travel, or work on a laptop on the beach, I’ll show you how. We can also develop your health and wellness plan for enhanced energy, focus, and mental clarity. This is your day, so you decide the focus.



  • 3 of my NESTA students have appeared on Shark Tank
  • Over 300 of my students earn more than $130k/year in the fitness and coaching industries
  • My mastermind members have income increases of 30% – 250% in less than 12 months
  • Many of my students earn more than $1M per year
  • One of my students is the star of The Biggest Loser
  • I’ve earned multiple 8 figures
  • I’ve pioneered 3 industries


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(2 payments of $2,500 – 30 days apart)

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Only 10 people each year will have this one-on-one opportunity

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