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The World Is Waiting For You To Act, But You Must First….   My friend John Assaraf once told me that it’s important to be informed, but non inundated. Basically, know what is happening round you, yet focus on what you can control.   He is right!   I used to be the person who […]

SEO Service for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

This is how you turn $37 in to $500 month after month. Here’s the dealio….   I guarantee you are losing A LOT of clients each month because you are not yet ranked high on Google, Yahoo and Bing.   It’s that simple.   Think about it….. when is the last time your drilled down […]

5 Quick Entrepreneur Success Tips

The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Do These Daily   Of course, there are hundreds of things you can do to become a successful entrepreneur, but these 5 things will make the biggest difference.   Here they are in no particular order:   1. Measure everything: My good friend and VERY successful entrepreneur once told me, “You […]

Here is a List of How I Make Money

Hello Team JSE, This is a weird post. But, no less than 50 people have asked me this question, “What are all the ways you earn money?” First, I’m NOT going to tell you how much I earn with each revenue stream. I never have, and I never will. This is an important lesson for […]

12 Powerful Sales Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Master

“For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.” -Zig Ziglar Question: What’s the number one critical success factor for building a highly profitable coaching or fitness business? Answer: Becoming highly efficient at identifying and selling your services to top paying clients who are looking to buy […]

Entrepreneur Confidence and Self Doubt (the struggle is real)

Many people dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, yet many never take the first step. Others get started, and then become frustrated and filled with self-doubt. They stop! And, because they stop….. they never realize their dreams. I’m determined to do something about this.

Entrepreneur Pivot

So You Can Be More Fulfilled Each Day! Hello Team JSE, Are you familiar with the term “pivot” as it relates to a business or your career path? Essentially, we all come to a point in our career/business when we just need a change. Sometimes it’s within the same industry, and other times it can […]

Multiply Your Cash Flow

Did you see a significant increase in income last year? Well, would you to see one this year? You know, you don’t have to wait until your boss decides you’re worth more money or make a huge business investment hoping for a return.