Coaching that Works

Spending any less than 99% of your time on a solution creates a new challenge. On this page, the only challenge you face is deciding which coaching program you want to join. And I’ll give you a hint – you can’t make a wrong decision here. I offer a wide range of coaching, mentoring and mastermind programs that all work. Check out the details and grab the one that best fits your needs and goals.

Cocktails with JSE

This is my FREE private Facebook coaching group with over 3,500 entrepreneurs from around the world. You will be get access to exclusive guidance, resources and support to enhance your finances, business projects, health and fitness, entrepreneurship, and overall abundance in life.

Ellis Elite Coaching

For people who demand the best, I invite you to apply for year-long coaching. This exclusive offer is created for entrepreneurs who want unprecedented access, resources, and opportunities unavailable to anyone else. This proven program is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who will settle for nothing other than world-class results. I accept only four high level thinkers and innovators, ready to create their ideal lives and step into their power.

Monthly Business Consulting

Are you stuck on a problem or challenge? Do you know the breakthrough is right around the corner, but you just can’t reach it? I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs who are tired of making mistakes, and feel unsure of how to move forward. This is where I can provide the critical tools and clarity to move you into action. Let’s get past your challenge and move you to success, once and for all.

1-on-1 Full Day Intensive

Just you and I for one very intensive, full, productive, goal-oriented, life enhancing day.

The Penthouse Group

When your dreams and goals are big and you want group support + one-on-one mentoring, this is your perfect solution. This 6-month program is offered once per year. It is for entrepreneurs in various niches/industries. It includes 1-on-1 phone coaching, group calls/webinars, mentoring, a private Facebook group and a 2-day mastermind in Las Vegas.

Believe You Can and You're Halfway There

Kick A## and Stand Out

The Entrepreneur Jump Start Kit

Learn Proven Success Shortcuts

100% Free Video Training

  • Neuroscience of Success
  • Business Start-up Fast Track
  • Branding, Marketing, Sales
  • Social Media, SEO, PR
  • Myths, Mindset & Motivation