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We all need to protect ourselves in a variety of ways.

1. Self defense keeps you safe on the streets.
2. Anti-viral software keeps you safe while online.
3. Having an alarm system keeps you safe at home.

There’s another type of protection you need to know for your business. You need to protect your ideas from being stolen by others who don’t have the same level of integrity as you do.

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7 Lessons from 3 Masterminds in 10 Days

In the last ten days, I attended 3 masterminds. A mastermind is a group of successful people that come together for intense talks, training, sharing and growth.  It’s just plain AWESOME!

At these 3 events, I worked with people with net worths of $500M to well over $1.2 billion dollars. And, most earned about $150k to $1m/yr. I learned from people who had everything against them in life, and now make $20k/day in their underwear sitting at the kitchen table (insert imagine in your mind).  All the people were cool, helpful, kind and willing to share best practices. My kind of people.

And, there were a lot of people in the fitness and coaching industries as well. They are traveling the world, writing books, feeding villages in Africa, and other cool “global” things.

A single mastermind is exciting and exhausting at the same time.  You learn and grow so much in a short period of time, you get brain fatigue (but in a good way). Now imagine 3 of these events in 10 days (2 of them multi-day events with cross country air travel). I felt it. It was worth it.

When I applied my #1 take-away from all the events the day I returned… my leads increased, my sales increased, and I became far more efficient.  And, because of these new skills, I have a clear path to my ultimate life goal – To travel the world 6 months a year while helping people get more from life each day.

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