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INTERVIEW: Chris Perilli – Video Marketing Ideas, Strategies and Techniques

Chris Perilli is going to teach you how everyday people are using smart phones to create professional videos that get crazy attention without any prior knowledge.  Imagine if you had the expertise of a company who have for the last decade created video trailers and productions that have sold millions in sales revenue right at […]

19 Year Old Fitness Competitor and Coach Celeste Rains Turk – INTERVIEW

Some people stand out in a crowd, and Celeste is one of those people. At 19, she has a thriving fitness business, and it’s growing fast. She’s already competed in a fitness bikini competition, shared the stage with icons of the industry and poised to do great things in the months and years to come.

5 Essential Tips to Quickly Turn You into a Content Marketing Superstar

This is How Fitness Pros and Wellness Coaches can Actually Increase Their Content Marketing Effectiveness by up to 1000% and beyond: What’s the master key to unlocking serious digital marketing and social selling power for your fitness business or wellness coaching practice? Simple: The very latest content marketing best practices that have been proven to […]

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