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Twitter Tips for Personal Trainers, Life Coaches and Wellness Consultants

TWITTER TIPS for trainers, coaches and experts

How to Optimize Your Twitter Account For Branding, Community Building and Social Selling:

Did you know that Twitter is one of the most powerful social media sites for branding, community building and marketing your coaching or personal training expertise? It’s also one of the top sites for connecting with prospective clients and generating healthy levels of real time targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Sadly, many amazing fitness and personal development professionals are losing out on the unique social marketing opportunities that Twitter offers. Why are so many coaches and consultants missing out?

Mainly because they don’t know the core Twitter best practices that leading digital marketers and community managers are using to really get the most out of Twitter for business.

Here is the first in my series of powerful Twitter Tips to help you bring your business Twitter presence to the highest level! Read more…

Content Marketing Checklist – What You Need to Do After Publishing Your Epic Content

Content Marketing for Personal Trainers, Fitness Business Owners, Wellness Pros and Coaching Experts

You’ve spent countless dollars and hours to produce this one epic content that will provide MASSIVE VALUE to your readers. You’ve added photos, quotes, infographics, statistics; basically the entire shebang that makes an epic content “epic”, and the only thing left for you to do is to hit the “publish” button – and so you did.

The content is now live on your website, and you can never be more proud of yourself (and your team) for creating such an epic post.

But then you ask yourself… “now what?” Read more…

How to Find Balance as a Busy Fitness Entrepreneur

How to become a successful (and happy) fitness entrepreneur

As your fitness and wellness-based business grows, learning how to find balance is more important than ever.

Maybe you’ve been an independent entrepreneur for years, or maybe you’re just making the transition from full-time employee to full-time business owner.

Whatever the case, finding ways to cultivate balance in your life is much more important for you than for the average entrepreneur.

After all, how can you help your clients eliminate stress and live their best lives if you’re constantly on the verge of burnout?

When you work for yourself and do something you’re passionate about, it can be tempting to work 10, 12, even 16 hours a day!

But without finding a balance between work, play, fitness, and mental well-being, your business is sure to suffer (not to mention your health).

Here’s how to find balance while running a thriving coaching/training business: Read more…

Client Retention Tips for Personal Trainers

Client Retention Tips for Personal Trainers

As coaches, S&C experts, and CPTs in the fitness world, it’s our job to get results for our clients. If you can’t deliver for a client, they’ll find someone who will, and that someone will be continuing to develop their career, their client base, and the amount of money they can bring home to their family – while you aren’t. Read more…