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How to 10X Your Life and Business Everyday

Recently, I’ve been writing about getting more done, increasing productivity and out performing the competition.  Much of this boils down to your daily rituals and behaviors. Let’s discuss how you can make an instant switch and out perform three average thinking/working people.

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How to leave your competition in the dust

Competition is good. We need it.  It keeps us honest. Without it, we get lazy and think we can coast to the finish line. World records are only broken during competition. We need the push and we need a point of reference.  If nobody is at your heels, you’re not sure how hard to push.

Business is defined by competition. For years, the iPhone dominated. Now more and more people love the Galaxy. It’s making Apple raise their game. College basketball is the same. As the season progresses, and the teams refine their tactics, those who make it to the Final Four have to really bring it – or it’s over.

For trainers, coaches, experts, authors and gurus, it’s no different. The competition is always trying to take what you have. Sometimes they do it ethically, sometimes not so much. However, there is a way to crush the competition while maintaining your ethics, morals and integrity.

Here’s how you do it:

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How to get more clients from Facebook without spending any money


Most people just use Facebook to catch up with old friends, connect with family, share funny photos or have a spirited debate.

However, for small business owners, Facebook is likely the #1 resource for attracting new clients.
Of course, there is Google, phone and walk-in referrals from existing clients, business cards and the old-school flyer (which can still work in some cases).

But…. nothing works like a strong presence on Facebook with a well thought out fan page and engagement with your fans.

Here’s how you use your Facebook fan page to get more clients without spending any money:

1. Choose your fan page name carefully.  I’ve made this mistake in the past with my YouTube Channel and other fan pages on Facebook. Have the name be something short, memorable and descriptive of your business. If your business is going to stay “physical” as opposed to global and online, and in a specific geographic region, choose a fan page name which includes your geographic region.  EXAMPLE:

Of course, you can be more creative, but this will get indexed higher on Google. Google now places a high priority on social media.  I’m sure you’ve seen this more and more in the SERP (search engine results page).

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7 Secrets to Become a Local Celebrity Expert

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of benefits of becoming a well-known celebrity expert in your niche.

When you create a brand that becomes “the default” in your niche as THE guru, expert, authority or key person of influence, your job gets much easier. You get to help a lot more people. You can share your message and experience. You earn more money.  And, it gives you a launching pad to become a global expert (if that interests you). That’s just the way it works.  So, let’s discover the 7 secrets to becoming a local celebrity expert.

#1. Be everywhere. In your community, you must attend charity events. Donate to local charities. Attend grand openings. Go to local festivals. Get a booth at the local 5k. Do the warm-ups at the walk-a-thon or 10k. Speak to the local PTA. Talk to “mom” groups. Offer lunch-and-learn talks at local companies. Offer to write a column in your local paper. Get listed in the local business directory. Make sure you are listed in Google Local. BE  E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! 

#2. Have your “billboards” everywhere.  I’m not speaking about actual signs on the side of the road. Although, that would be really cool. Your “billboards” work like this…. members, clients and customers who wear your T-shirts, hats or use your gym bag. It can be a magnetic sign or decal for your car. Billboards can also be your success stories of life and body changes of local residents. These people share your stories in the local Starbucks and grocery stores. Ask them to share their story.

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