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Nutrition Business Model: Home-based or Online or Both

JSE: Hello and welcome to this presentation on nutrition business blueprint. We are going to teach you exactly how you can have home-based and/or online business offering awesome nutritional products and cleansing programs to where you can earn excellent passive weekly income and create the lifestyle that you want. We had a great success with it and we are going to show you exactly how it works. I am John Spencer Elis and that’s Kelli Calabrese. Kelli, say hi and we’ll do a quick intro here.

KC: Hi John, thanks for having me today.

JSE: You are very welcome. So I am going to do a quick intro and then back to you. So I’ve been in fitness industry since 1992 and I’ve been involved in fitness since the age of twelve, way back in the early 80s. I have helped about 55,000 or more health and fitness professionals educate themselves, grow their careers and create lifestyles that they really enjoy. And it will be my pleasure to help you as well. What about you Kelli?

KC: John, like you, we are actually the same age, I have been in fitness industry the same amount of time, over 27 years. I also had a fortune doing many things- owning and operating fitness centers to running corporate sites to running a school and preparing people to become certified fitness professionals. I am executive with the incredible nutritional company. I get to do lots of fun media work- writing, teaching, consulting, editing and all kinds of fun spokesperson work.

JSE: So basically what we are saying guys we’ve done just about every imaginable job and every imaginable career in health, fitness and nutrition. And we know what works and we know what doesn’t. We had some failures and we had some really great successes as well. And we are going to show you and share with you one of the successes and see if that’s something that works for you.

We are going to go to the next slide here: stop the insanity! Kelli I am gonna let you take this one.

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How I am Rapidly Growing my Health and Fitness Business by Offering Healthy Organic Coffee to My Clients


I wanna share with you something rely cool that I am doing with my clients and also offering online to people and it’s something that can enhance your business as a fitness coaching, personal wellness development pro. And here’s the simple fact, your clients drink coffee. Yeah off course there are few exceptions but the reality is you probably drink coffee. And almost anyone you know drinks coffee…and your clients drink coffee especially if you do a early morning class, especially if it’s outdoors and they wanna a hot cup of coffee beforehand…. that happens, that’s the reality. The other reality is we know that high acidic coffee that is poorly made, non-organic, non-kosher, things like that, probably isn’t the best choice. However I do have a great choice for you and your clients- it’s a healthy coffee and it will allow you to put extra money in your wallet every single week. It’s super cool, it’s what I am doing and I am focusing a lot of energy on it cause I really believe in this. And I am hoping that you are as excited about it as I am in just a couple of minutes. So let’s carry on.

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How to Start an Online Nutrition Business



Hello, everyone. This is Kelli Calabrese. Thank you for joining me for nutrition training and business model for trainers and coaches. I am thrilled that you are here today. And on behalf of Dr. John Spencer Ellis, who needs no introduction and myself, we are so exciting to bring you this training. For over 27 years, John and I have been providing trainers and coaches with programs, not only teaching them the science but also the business of how they can run this profitably, by providing their clients with incredible service and also a business model to help them be profitable, and we also like to have some fun along the way. So, let’s get started.

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Hormone Optimization Training for the Fitness and Nutrition Expert: Mike Mahler Interview

JSE: Welcome once again to training and coaching lifestyle podcast, we are back! I am your host John Spencer Elis and my special guest today is the man I have tremendous respect for, I think one of the smartest guys in fitness and coaching industry. It is no joke no exaggeration, mister Mike Mahler.

MM: Hey John, how are you doing man?

JSE: I am doing great, and that’s the truth brother, I really have tremendous respect for your skill set.

MM: Thank you, I appreciate that.

JSE: You are learned man and a rabbit reader.

MM: I try to be (laughter) These days I am more of the rabbit listening to

JSE: Dude, me too!

MM: It’s digesting books big time there. Around the clock I read, and when I am not reading I am listening. So it’s just getting all kinds of information.
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