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7 ways to charge your clients the right price while earning more


I just received an email this morning from a student (also named John).

He wanted to know how to charge his clients, create bundle pricing, and earn what he is worth without over charging his clients. I thought this would be a great lesson for you as well.

This is what I suggest for you and him:

1. Always get the amount you are worth. Never get into a pricing war with the coach, trainer, facility or expert down the street. Decide what you need and what you are worth per hour. Never earn less than that amount, regardless how your services are provided or billed.

2. No free sessions. I see this way too often. Never give away your time. If you do, you just confirmed your time isn’t worth anything. You can give away bonus gifts to add value to a package or program, but NEVER give away sessions. You can donate sessions to charity for a silent auction, but only when it’s carefully thought out how the charity and your business will benefit. EXAMPLE: When you donate to a charity, you can use it as a “cause marketing opportunity.” This means you are tying a cause (Example: Wounded Warriors Foundation) with your business. Therefore, the charity gets the benefit, and you benefit by the newsworthy donation. The media loves this sort of thing. Be tactful.

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7 Ways to Get New Clients

This topic is very important for trainers and coaches in all niches. In fact, no matter which other topics are discussed at a business event, or on a webinar, it always seems to come back to getting more clients on a regular basis. Let’s dive in and discover simple, fast, effective and often free, ways for you to get an endless stream of clients.

Here we go!

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Do you agree or disagree: This will ruffle a few feathers


Fair warning: This letter is direct and to the point, and I’m hallucinating that some people will get offended. You’ve been warned.


If you are like me (at all), you get sick and tired of lame excuses from people who “claim” they want more ____________ (Insert any of the following: love, money, fame, fortune, travel, quality relationships, great experiences, respect, etc), and yet always seem to fall short of achieving what they say they want.

A quick note here…. Of course, I have fallen short of reaching my goals, and I fail at something on a daily basis. So, I’m not saying I’m immune. In fact, I fail so often, I don’t even count anymore. I realize I’m just one step closer to the success I want. And, in spite of these daily failures, I’m doing just fine.

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