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Psychological Edge: The 4 C’s of Visual Brand Building For Your Fitness and Coaching Business

Visual Branding for Your Fitness & Coaching Business

Recently I covered the ‘3 pillars’ of building an effective brand for your personal training and coaching business. The reason I did this is because I wanted to lay the groundwork, giving you a solid outline upon which to begin and guide your construction process. Simply put, brand building is no easy task -and that’s especially why the Fortune 500s will hire professional brand ambassadors, graphic designers, psychologists, and survey focus groups to get the job done.

This, of course, is what a company can (and must) do with a multi-million dollar marketing budget; but the interesting part is the fact that they’ve slowly been slipping behind the forefront of the innovation curve. Why? Well, it’s because the tech is cheaper, the web is accessible, and the talent is globally accessible -and the playing field is quickly becoming an even one. Read more…

26 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips for Fitness and Coaching Professionals

Twitter for fitness & coaching business owners

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms for driving large volumes of real time targeted traffic to your blog or website. It’s also an amazing platform for building your very own community of brand ambassadors, fellow wellness experts and new customer leads.

Put simply: Twitter has incredible reach. Here are the stats:

  • 271 million active monthly users
  • 500 million tweets are sent every day
  • 78% of its users are on mobile

Read more…

Proven: 5 Reasons Why Multitasking is BS

Multitasking does not work for fitness and coaching entrepreneurs - HERE ARE THE FACTS!

With the dawning of the Information Age came a perception that we in the civilized world had obtained a new human ability. It was, as if our genetic makeup had somehow evolved to meet the capabilities that our new technologies supposedly offered us…

And a whole new way of doing things was born: multitasking.

But because it was becoming trendy to multitask, society soon came to expect it. Essentially, if you don’t engage a friend’s new Facebook status within a half-hour of its posting, if you don’t return emails within five minutes of its receiving, if you don’t respond to a text within 60 seconds of its sending, and if you don’t answer a call on your smartphone immediately -then you have just fallen short of societal expectations, because you should’ve been able to do 83 things at once. Oh, the humanity. Read more…

You Don’t Need Motivation (You Need a Vision) to Make Your Fitness and Coaching Business Dreams a Reality

You don't need motivation, you need a VISION to realize your entrepreneurial dreams!

Sometimes it’s not always easy to understand what ‘motivates’ the ambitiously creative entrepreneur, because this is an individual with rather deeply ingrained drivers. Though I believe that we tend to look at mere motives all too often, especially when it comes to what’s supposed to drive our will to overcome the challenges of starting up our own fitness or coaching businesses.

No business is easy to start, and that’s especially true with those of us, who are personal trainers. It’s a major risk, and a hefty one at that. Not to mention, probably the most difficult aspect of setting foot on this path comes from those familiar telltale questions that we often ask ourselves… Read more…