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How to Get More Fitness and Coaching Clients by Being Authentic

As a trainer or coach, you see and hear all types of messages about what “you should do” and “how you should act”.  You are not an actor…. you are just you.  So, be the best YOU possible.  In this very raw and honest video training, I’m joined by my good friend Erik Rokeach. We […]

How to Get a ZILLION BILLION New Coaching and Training Clients

Hey Team JSE, In my new coaching group on Facebook, many of the members want help getting more clients.  So, I’ve decided to help everyone with this universal challenge.  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn it’s much easier than you may be thinking right now.Okay, maybe a zillion billion is a bit of an […]

Scott Colby Interview: How to Make Your Fitness and Coaching Business an Adventure

You are in for a real treat today! Watch and listen in to this in-depth interview with my friend Scott Colby. He’s a smart, dynamic fitness and coaching pro who lives a fun and rewarding life helping his clients. He has experience in boot camps, lifestyle coaching, nutrition coaching, rehabilitation, fitness vacations and much more. […]

Peter Scott IV Interview Living a Fearless Life

Enjoy this in-depth video interview with Peter Scott IV.  We dive deep into the topic of fear and how it can hold you captive and what you can do about it RIGHT NOW so you can life the life of your dreams and reach all of your goals. Peter Scott IV is the Founder of […]

How To Grow Your Email List While You Sleep

   GUEST POST BY Mauricio Cardenal Lets talk about the past for a brief second. Thinking about over the past 20 years… do know which online marketing strategy has the highest return on investment? It’s email marketing.

5 Ways to Raise Your Rates AND Keep Your Clients

Yes, it is not only possible, it’s advised, to raise your rates and keep your best personal training or coaching clients – and even attract new clients.  Here’s how you do it. As a coach or fitness trainer, you’re constantly having to reevaluate every aspect of your business – from the methods you use to […]

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