Jillian Michaels and John Spencer Ellis Discuss Fitness and Your Personal Success

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Jillian Michaels.

You are going to LOVE THIS INTERVIEW. Jillian Michaels and JSE cut to the chase and discuss what makes someone successful with a fitness routine, weight loss, and in life. Nothing is off limits.

About Jillian:

Jillian Michaels is one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country. Perhaps considered one of the most inspiring people on television through her role as trainer, wellness expert and life coach on her hit TV shows and regular TV appearances, Michaels has created a brand name for herself. Every week she motivates millions in every form of media from TV to publishing to the 1.6 million monthly visitors to her Web site and daily e-mail newsletter. In September 2011, Jillian expanded her television presence into daytime as a co-host on the Emmy award winning syndicated series The Doctors and act as a special contributor on Dr. Phil.

Jillian Michaels and John Spencer Ellis

John Spencer Ellis and Jillian Michaels

As a motivator and role model, Jillian has a unique connection with her audience that stems from her own personal journey toward wellness. Before she was a huge TV success, Jillian struggled with her own weight. She was determined to reach her goals — and through dedication and hard work, she did.

Jillian has been a personal trainer for 19 years. In addition, she owned and operated a sports medicine facility, where she worked as a physical therapy aid under the physiatrists, physical therapists, and chiropractors. Jillian’s passion for fitness training originates from 17 years of martial arts practice in Muay Thai and Akarui-Do, in which she holds a black belt. Since 1993, Jillian has held personal training certificates from the leading certification programs in the country: the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) and other renowned fitness associations. She is also certified as a kettlebell instructor.

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