Products & Services for Personal Trainers, Fitness Entrepreneurs and Coaching Experts

NESTA: National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association


NESTA is a nationally accredited fitness association with members in 55 countries. Earn your certifications in several fitness specialties.
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Spencer Institute Professional Coaching School

The Spencer Institute

Become a professional coach or personal development expert. Choose from a wide range of specializations such as life coaching, wellness coaching, sports psychology, green living, holistic coaching, corporate wellness and many others.

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TACTIX: Martial Arts Fitness Business and Training System


TACTIX is the perfect combination of martial arts, self-defense, fitness boot camp intensity, dynamic flexibility and metabolic conditioning. You get training, certification, community and a proven business system.

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100% FREE Business and Personal Development Coaching for Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition and Personal Development Pros

Fitness and personal development coaching
FREE ACCESS for a LIFETIME. Together, business coaching and personal development training are the perfect combination to help you reach your personal, professional and financial goals. Test drive this one-of-a-kind coaching and mentoring program.

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FitNews.TV: Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing and Social Media Marketing $1

Fit News

You can now seamlessly combine email marketing, text message marketing and social media into online low cost online marketing solution. The entire system can be operated by your smart phone or mobile device. You also receive free articles and recipes for your blog, newsletters and social posts.

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Nationwide Client Funnel

Get More Clients

Introducing The Nationwide Client Funnel: If you are only reaching clients in your local area now, imagine how much more you can earn when people across the country learn about your services! Who benefits from this type of service? Trainers who offer online consulting, coaches who offer coaching services via phone, email, Skype, iChat, Google Hangout, etc. It also works great for nutrition experts who make diet and meal plans for people at a distance. It’s also effective for people in network marketing for client prospecting. In short, if you offer online services, yet have only been focusing on your local market, your word is about to expand in a big way. It can even work for people living outside the U.S. who want American clients.

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Fitness Business Management, Scheduling, Transformation Contests, Nutrition, Exercise Database

Running your business just got a lot easier (and faster). With the NESTA Fit Files, you now have a central hub of operations where you can TAKE CONTROL of every aspect of your business from scheduling, assigning trainers, running highly profitable transformation contests, managing coaching sessions, doing complete assessments, tracking client progress, offering profitable nutrition programs, providing TOP NOTCH customer service and much more. Best of all, it’s really easy to use and very affordable. If you are a busy trainer or coach, you can literally SAVE 3-6 HOURS EACH WEEK and MAKE MORE MONEY.

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ITCA: International Triathlon Coaching Association

Triathlon Coach Certification

Become a Certified Triathlon Coach. ITCA is a USAT-approved triathlon coaching certification and business course. Complete training, certification and business training.

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Adventure Boot Camp Business System – #1 Fitness Boot Camp System in the World

Fitness Boot Camp Business Model

Start your own Adventure Boot Camp today! Join the industry’s most successful boot camp coaches, reach hundreds of new clients a year, and earn more than $500/hour doing what you love while making a difference in the lives of others!

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IMPACT Fitness Business and Training System

Impact Boot Camp

IMPACT is the ultimate group personal training business system. You can teach it anywhere, and add it seamlessly into any current fitness business model.

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MMA Conditioning Association: Mixed Martial Arts Condition Coach Certification

MMA Conditioning Coach Certification

Become a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach. The MMA Conditioning Association is the mixed martial arts certification division of NESTA. If you are a martial artist, conditioning coach, personal trainer, gym owner or professional fighter, you will want to earn the prestigious MMACA designation of a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach. Our certified coaches train UFC World Champions and weekend warriors.

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Fitness Hall of Fame

Get America Fit Foundation

The mission of the Fitness Hall of Fame is to honor the world’s most significant contributors and icons in the world of fitness, and to provide a learning experience for those who wish to follow in their footsteps.

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Get America Fit Foundation: Help Kids in America Get Healthy and Fit (DONATE NOW)

Get America Fit Foundation

John is the Executive Director of the 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, Get America Fit. It is the mission of the Get America Fit Foundation (GAFF) to stop the alarming and detrimental trend of obesity in America (especially among children), and to provide fitness equipment and education to underfunded schools and communities in America.

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Rank Your Site on Google, Yahoo and Bing and your videos on YouTube and Vimeo (SEO Services)

SEO for fitness business owners

How much more money will you earn each month with an increase of 25% in your blog’s traffic?  How about a 35% increase, or a 50% increase?  If you get just 3 new clients per month, how much is each new client worth? $300, $500, $1000?  How much more business would you have if you ranked in the top 3 of Google for __________ ?  This is your solution.

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The #1 Website for Fitness Pros (Fitness Business Website Solution)

FitPro Fitness WordPress Theme

Get a killer website for your fitness or coaching business without spending big money! FitPro allows you to control everything yourself and get online fast. Get started today for only $49!

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CoachPro Fitness Website System (Coaching / Personal Development Business Website Solution)

CoachPro is a website designed specifically for personal development coaches. It is a professional, easy, and affordable way to get your website online quickly. Starting at only $79 with no monthly fees!

  • Get online quickly
  • Edit your own site easily
  • Low cost, no monthly fees

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How To Progressively Test Your Clients Fitness Levels

Here’s a great way of testing your clients, progressively ranking them by fitness levels and rewarding them for their improvements.
Now, in order for an individual to progress from one level to the next, they must participate in a fitness test that uses specific exercises to determine strength within the exercises’ respective muscle groups.

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Marketing to Millionaires Blueprint for Coaches and Trainers

marketing plan for fitness business owners

How much is 1 high paying client worth to you over a year? $1000, $2000, $5000 or more? What if all of your clients are high net worth, high paying clients? Marketing to Millionaires, our new training program, shows you how to make it happen.

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The Mental Game of Life Video Training

What’s Included in this Online Course?

This 10 video collection has ALL the exciting footage from the live seminar. Inside this set you will discover the 5 rules to The Mental Game of Life:

  • Manifest your dreams into reality
  • Project a strong, confident, and loving persona
  • Release the shackles of fear and judgement
  • Contribute to a cause greater than yourself
  • Tap into undiscovered resources of energy

In this powerful introduction to the concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, you’ll learn the tricks to win your game – whatever the game might be… Love… Money… Health… Spirit… all are addressed in this comprehensive program

This seminar gives you the winning edge!

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Master Your Communication with Verbal Aikido

They will think you are a genius!

This is the Perfect Tool for Trainers and Coaches

Spencer Institute faculty member, and one of the world’s leading experts in communication skills, Dr. Topher Morrison, teaches you how to master any conversation, have complete control over your words, and instantly improve your communication skills.

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Make Money, Have Fun and See the World with TravelTrep: Resources and Community for Traveling Entrepreneurs & Businesses on the Go!

automate your fitness business processesTravelTrep is a valuable resource, community, blog and forum to help trainers, coaches, instructors, experts, gurus and other traveling entrepreneurs. Discover how to grow your business, automate your business, get more free time, and explore the world. This is how you get more life out of your years.

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Claim – Affordable Web Addresses & Hosting

online marketingDomain Names
.COMs starting at $8.95!*

FREE with every domain:
• FREE! Forwarding / Masking
• FREE! Change of Registration
• FREE! Starter Web Page
• FREE! “For Sale”/ Parked Page
• FREE! Domain Name Locking
• FREE! Total DNS Control

Register your fitness and coaching domain names and get your business online FAST!

Act now! Get your name before it’s gone!

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Take Your Wealth Profile Test. Find out if you have what it takes to become wealthy!

Wealth Profile

There are many ways to become wealthy. You need to discover which method is right for you. You also need to have intimate knowledge of your strengths, weaknesses and desires. All successful people have clarity. If you now want to become highly successful and wealthy, take your wealth profile.

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Turn-Key Passive Income Business Models

Team JSE: The Beachbody Business

Fitness Enthusiasts and Fitness Pros agree… This is a fun and easy way to make extra money in any economy!

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Nutrition Business Blueprint: Partner with John and Grow Your Business

Would you like to partner with John and grow a home-based nutrition business? Click over to watch the video where John shares the story of this discovery. “Today, this simple business pays for my weekly expenses!” – JSE

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Healthy Coffee Business Blueprint: Your Clients Drink Coffee. Offer Them Healthy Coffee and Earn Passive Income

healthy coffee business

Offer your clients Organo Gold Coffee with Ganoderma, which has been known for centuries for alkalizing and oxygenating the body to establish the foundation for a lifetime of good health, removing the basis for osteoporosis, arthritis, adult-onset diabetes, heart disease, and many other degenerative conditions including cancer. No disease can survive in a super oxygenated environment. When your body has sufficient oxygen, it thrives. Ganoderma is a super herb which rapidly oxygenates your body and automatically adjusts your PH to a healthy balance at the cellular level. Your clients drink coffee. Be the source of healthy coffee while you earn weekly passive income.

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100% FREE Personal Development eBook – THE CODE – JSE, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, Debbie Allen, Topher Morrison, and other leading experts – 100% FREE

The CodeExperience happiness, love, fulfillment and success. The World’s Leading Experts show you how. (Joe Vitale, T. Harv Eker, John Spencer Ellis, Marie Diamond, Topher Morrison, Debbie Allen, Kelli Ellis and many more)

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100% FREE – The Lifestyle Designers Video Training – Master Your Home & Body (Kelli Ellis & John Spencer Ellis)

The Code
For your home: You will instantly be given clarity, direction, motivation and resources to create a home that is beautiful, functional and, most importantly, your sanctuary. For your body: You will learn the truth about rapid and long lasting fat loss, motivational tools that work for you, and easy-to-follow- step-by-step instructions to get in shape and easily maintain your ideal weight for life.

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John’s Weight Loss, Diet, Detox and Cleansing System

celebrity diet and weight lossThis is your solution for easy and safe weight loss. After years of searching for the best solution for you, this is the recommended and proven system.

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